The notes below are from the presentation made by Greg Russ, Treasurer,

at St. Johnís Annual Meeting on January 13, 2019.


2018 saw us do some amazing things. We accomplished the installation of a new heating system, some bathroom renovations in the rectory and some minor renovations to the church and rectory exteriors. We were able to do this without borrowing any funds. All funds used were either specific donations or reserve funds. There are not very many small parishes like us that could have done what we did.


We also finished the year in the black again. It wasnít by much ($66.81) but is enough. The fundraising crew as per usual exceeded expectations by ($9507.21). This was a significant help this year as there are unresolved issues with the Jenkins trust and a slight shortfall in pledge revenues.


I look forward to working with the treasurer in training and eventually handing over the duties. It has been a pleasure serving as Treasurer and I thank you for making my job easier.

Treasurerís Update